Lunch Box Ideas! Sugar Detox Day 8 Wrap Up

So, I’m already a slacker and didn’t post our Sugar Detox update for day 8 (yesterday)  oops.  Blame it on the pregnancy hormones making me so tired I barely made it through dinner.  Speaking of dinner, Daddy Grok’s parents and Grandma joined us for dinner.  Grandma lives 3 hours away and we haven’t seen her […]

Day 7 and Primal Pregnancy

We’ve successfully completed week one.  Two to go! Today we had leftover steak chopped up and scrambled with eggs.  Mama went a little Grok and ate a banana followed by cold steak (instead of the eggs, they didn’t sound good). For lunch we had leftovers, we had an accumulation of choices in the fridge. Dinner- […]