School’s Out- What Do I Feed These Kids???

When the kids are home, they want to eat ALL THE TIME.  Seriously, you’d think they were starving.  In reality I think it’s more boredom than anything.  We are limited in the amount of out and about time we can have since I run a childcare from my home and taking 16 kids on outings […]

The Plan & Day 48

Really. . . today is day 48.  I’m a slacker.  I also haven’t done great budget wise (as in I didn’t keep track).  A new month is around the bend and I vow to pull my grocery money out and NOT use my debit card.  That way I have more accountability. I am getting better […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 6

The belly and the family were all happy with these pancakes this morning.  Although, we did have leftovers, which doesn’t occur when I make Pamela’s GF pancakes. This could be because these have protein and are more filling? Anyway, they were delicious, especially slathered with Kerrygold butter, topped with organic frozen raspberries from Trader Joe’s, […]

Sugar Detox Day 11 and 12

Day 11 Breakfast- EGGS! Lunch- This crunchy salad!  Organic greens, organic diced carrots, sunflower seeds (salted), olive oil & balsamic, topped with a bit of aged cheddar. Dinner – Red Lobster.  Mama had scallops, shrimp, & chicken.  Daddy had steak & shrimp.  Yum-o. Lunch for the kidlets- coconut flour donut, deli ham, olives, carrots & […]

Sugar Detox Day 3

Daddy Grok has spent all morning in bed. . . it’s 1:30 and I’ve barely seen him today.  I did force breakfast and lunch on him. . . otherwise, he’s sleeping.  Since his previous diet was S.A.D. (full of candy, chips, crackers, soda), he is having a hard time with this detox!  Hopefully, a few […]

Need a Treat?

The 21 Day Sugar Detox leaves me wanting. . . something sweet.  I know that’s the point!  But, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. In this case, I whipped out the blender and prepared Chunky Monkey Ice Cream from Easy Paleo.  My bananas weren’t very frozen (ahem, I wasn’t very patient).  […]

Sugar Detox Day 2

We are hanging in there.  Daddy Grok is itching for a soda or candy bar something fierce, but he’s staying strong.  Mama is rolling with it. . . she received some exciting news today (not sharing yet, thank you), so that’s distracting me from the detox. Breakfast today- 2 eggs over medium (cooked whites, runny […]