Monthly Menu

Now. . . if I get really crazy, I will prep some meals for the freezer.  I’ll get back to y’all on that. 🙂 In our budget post, I indicated that meal plans were on the way. So- our meat for the month is 30lbs of beef (ground, steak, stew, roast, oxtail), 4 whole chickens, […]

The Plan & Day 48

Really. . . today is day 48.  I’m a slacker.  I also haven’t done great budget wise (as in I didn’t keep track).  A new month is around the bend and I vow to pull my grocery money out and NOT use my debit card.  That way I have more accountability. I am getting better […]

Day 36

Today marks day 36 in our 100 Days of Real Food Challenge.  I missed my order for produce this week. . . UGH.  I forgot to get online until Sunday evening and the order had already closed.  Boo. In other news- tonight we enjoyed two Draper Free Range (hormone and antibiotic free) rotisserie chickens.  After […]


This week’s co-op orders-  $170 (including donation) for ~30lbs of local, grassfed beef.  In the produce world, the above was procured for $50 (including a donation).  Even if I bought nothing else this week, my family could eat well on this haul. On the meat front, we got 6 NY strip steaks, ~2lbs of sirloin […]

Day 27 and Where Has my Budget Gone?

I’ve been busy. . . sorry for the silence around here. 🙂 I ordered 30 lbs of local, grassfed beef to the tune of $170 and it will arrive this Tuesday with my produce co-op.  Last week, I only spent $30 on produce ($25 co-op box + $5.00 needy donation). Here’s the haul minus a […]

Paleo Easter, Day 19

This weeks organic produce from the co-op.  I spent $60, which included a donation toward a family box for a co-op member that couldn’t afford a box this week.  I spent another $5.00 at pick up adding on more oranges. Remember that carrot craving I was having. . . well, I bought six pounds. . […]

100 Days of Real Food- Day 9

Store One- Safeway $64.71 2 pkgs thin cut steak for stir fry 1 pkg drumsticks for chicken marbella 2 lbs raw shrimp GF oats (more granola) Bananas 2 bags black beans 1 gallon organic milk *the meat purchased at Safeway is conventional. 😦  The budget doesn’t allow organic. Store Two- Market of Choice  74.80 Dagoba […]

100 Days- Day 1

Today was menu planning and grocery shopping day!  If you want to read our plan and parameters for the next 100 days, click here. Here’s the haul: First stop- Trader Joe’s $64.17 Organic: Broccoli florets- $2.49 Frozen raspberries x 2- $5.98 6lbs Gala apples- $7.47 Celery hearts- $2.29 Carrots 3lbs- $2.37 English cucumber- $2.29 Baby […]