Sugar Detox Day 11 and 12

Day 11 Breakfast- EGGS! Lunch- This crunchy salad!  Organic greens, organic diced carrots, sunflower seeds (salted), olive oil & balsamic, topped with a bit of aged cheddar. Dinner – Red Lobster.  Mama had scallops, shrimp, & chicken.  Daddy had steak & shrimp.  Yum-o. Lunch for the kidlets- coconut flour donut, deli ham, olives, carrots & […]

Chicken Dinner for 7

1 bag (2.5lbs) boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders  $5.99 1 bag (2lbs) organic, mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower)  $3.49 1 quart organic chicken stock (TJ’s, homemade is better) $1.99 Seasonings- salt, pepper, garlic Smattering of grated, aged cheddar if desired. Soaked brown rice, wild rice, or quinoa if desired (please those less than Paleo peeps) […]